Home Remodeling Contractor in Hunterdon County

Jaime's Construction LLC is a celebrated home remodeling company in Hunterdon County. We offer high-quality, superior workmanship for residents of the area looking to make the most of their homes with a value-adding renovation. With our long track record of successful home renovations, our customers can depend on us to deliver high-quality work that precisely meets their expectations and matches their vision.

If you’re looking for a communicative and customer-focused contractor to take on your home remodeling project, dial (609) 213-1518 to book a consultation with our team.

Masterful Bathroom Remodeling Services

Jaime's Construction LLC’s home remodeling team specializes in renovating and updating bathroom spaces to match every client's specific style and taste. Whether you’re looking for a modern, contemporary design, a vintage, antique concept, or a farmhouse theme, our skilled team can tailor their work to fit your vision.

We’re skilled at renovating every element in your bathroom, from the cabinets and countertops to fixtures like sinks, bathtubs, and shower stalls. Let us know about your exact storage needs so we can address them accordingly—we can offer built-in shelving to increase your storage space or provide a more open concept to let your toiletries and towels make a statement on their own.

Outstanding Kitchen Remodeling Company

Depending on the scope of your kitchen remodeling project, Jaime's Construction LLC will help you obtain the proper building permits and pass inspections so your renovation can progress without issue. We’ll help you navigate the nitty gritty of the compliance process with our extensive experience in the field, ensuring your new appliances fit seamlessly into your brand-new cooking space.

We’ve created elegant, minimalist kitchens and spacious, lavish cooking spaces for residents in Hunterdon County. From cabinets and countertop replacement to plumbing and electrical work, we can execute every element of your remodel so that you can enjoy your new and improved kitchen as soon as possible.

An Expert Basement Finishing Company

Jaime's Construction LLC excels at finishing basements with our skilled techniques and top-of-the-line supplies. We can design your new basement layout and choose materials that match your standards, selecting finishes and features that fit your style and budget. We’ll help you plan and schedule the renovation project from beginning to end.

Whether you’re looking for a recreational space, a home theater, an indoor gym, or a house bar, we can implement your wishes. We’ll craft a customized plan that will cater to all your specifications so you’re completely satisfied with your basement finishing project. Once the construction work is finished, we also help you with the final touches to make the space come together, such as painting, tiling, installing trim work, or molding.

Choose Jaime's Construction LLC as Your Home Remodeling Contractor

Our company has built a stellar reputation in the community through hard work, clear communication, and a stellar skill set. We employ expert home remodeling contractors that are reliable and trustworthy for your peace of mind.

Phone (609) 213-1518 to get a quote on your home remodeling project in Hunterdon County.