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Handyman Service

When it comes to your home, the need for repairs or installation can arise at any time. It’s impossible to predict when something might break down, need repairing or replacing. Although many homeowners might be inclined to handle handiwork themselves, the work of an experienced professional is priceless.

A professional can avoid making costly mistakes that someone less experienced might make. Jaime's Construction LLC provides the handyman services you can rely on. Our experienced professionals have the breadth and depth of skills to tackle any job.

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Handyman Services to Increase Longevity

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or maintain a residence for a long time, a handyman service is invaluable. If your home has a minor issue that goes unaddressed, it can cause significant problems down the line. As minor issues add up over time, they can significantly affect the longevity of your household.

A handyman is perfect for handling numerous small issues over a short period. Let’s take a look at our services!


The main reason you should choose Jaime's Construction LLC for your handyman services is our incredible experience in the industry. We have been serving our community, offering thorough and reliable handyman and home repair services for years. We have accumulated a vast array of experiences with different appliances, fixtures, and elements of a home, and we know the best ways to get them all functioning properly again.

No matter what has happened, whether a door gets stuck, a lock won’t work, or a ceiling fan won’t turn, we’ve seen it all. Count on us to provide a fast and reliable repair that’s based on our lifetime of experience problem solving for homeowners all around.


When something small breaks in your home, no matter the room or what has happened, it’s essential that you get it fixed. This can be the difference between having a safe environment and not, so you should never put off a repair service in your home.

If you’re unable to perform such a repair, either because you lack the tools or the know-how, you should always hire a professional handyman from Jaime's Construction LLC. We offer comprehensive handyman services that can apply to any room, component, or exterior space of your house.

No matter what you need to be done, we have the experience, tools, and skills to do it right. Our handyman services can apply to:

  • Bathroom lights and fixtures
  • Kitchen appliances and lighting
  • Doors and windows
  • Ceiling fans
  • Decks and patios
  • Siding and roof repairs
  • Garage door repairs
  • And more

Our handyman skills are applicable to most situations. If you have a problem in your home that you can’t fix on your own, reach out to us now! We’ll be able to provide the perfect solution you’re looking for.

Ceiling Services

Install, Repair, Texture & More

The ceiling plays an important role in comfort control. A busy ceiling can cause the room to feel cramped while a dimly lit room can make the room seem drab. Nobody knows this better than our experienced team of ceiling professionals. Whether you want to install new pendant lights or a brand new fan, our workmanship is guaranteed.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

Whether you need to remove, replace or install a ceiling fan, Mr. Handyman is your convenient, one-call solution. Your comfort, and satisfaction, is guaranteed. Our handymen are also capable of replacing your old ceiling fan with a light fixture of your choice. Contact your local Jaime's Construction, for help planning and completing your next ceiling fan project.

Door Services

Knock-knock. Who's there? Mr. Handyman.

Doors are the entry and exit points to many areas in your home and they should always work correctly and look great. Whether you need repair services because your door doesn’t work or look like it used to, or you’re ready to have a brand-new door installed, our local experts are ready to help. Below are just some of the interior and exterior door services we offer:

Door Installation & Repair

Your local Jc LLC. expertly hangs doors with the work meticulously performed by technicians with an average of 10 years’ of carpentry experience. That’s good, because perfectly hanging doors is one of the most complicated carpentry tasks. Our home improvement professionals understand the little things that make doors swing or slide smoothly and quietly, close naturally and lock and unlock easily.

Maximize Light, Maintain Privacy

Window installation is not a task that should be undertaken by an amateur, particularly if the job requires creating a new space for a window, rather than replacing an existing one. The professionals at Jaime's Construction LLC have an extensive portfolio that includes the installation of windows of all shapes and sizes, making us well equipped to handle your window project. With our experienced eye, your windows will be strategically placed so that they maximize the amount of light your building receives, while also maintaining the appropriate level of privacy for you and your family or staff.


Add a new glass shower door to your bathroom with help from your local Handyman. You pick out the door, and we'll handle the installation. Installing a new shower door adds to the overall look and value of your bathroom.

We can maintain your property values by stopping the big problems before they start. The maintenance provided by a Jaime's Construction LLC is what it takes to keep your home in great shape.

Contractors with the Right Tools and the Right Skillset

When it comes to fixing something around your home, you might not have the right tools. However, our team invests in our equipment, so you don’t have to. We save you the trouble of storing and learning how to use various power tools and handle the leg work for you. We only use top-of-the-line equipment and ensure that everything is working correctly before starting the job.

Our complete toolset allows us to handle many jobs quickly and efficiently. Our skills are perfect for:

  • Fixing drywall
  • Patching cracks
  • Repairing leaks
  • Repairing or installing baseboards
  • Installing light fixtures
  • Repairing doors

When you hire our handyman company, you’re saving yourself from hiring several different companies. Simplify and get the most out of your budget with our handyman services.

Handyman Services for a New Look

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your home, our handyman services can go a long way. Our team is experts at taking an old room and providing it with a new look. If you’re looking for a new paint job or installing new flooring or tiling, don’t hesitate to ask. We can draw from extensive experience to offer helpful suggestions on the best way to bring your idea to life.

Trust a Handyman and Save Time

It’s easy to make a mistake when fixing something within your home. All it takes is one error to add significant time and cost to what would have otherwise been a simple repair job. When it comes to something as precious as your property, forego the DIY route and hire a professional instead. Jaime's Construction LLC can prevent unforeseen accidents and damages from happening. Leave your issues to us, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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Why Choose Jaime's Construction LLC for Your Installations?

Experience is just one of the reasons why countless home and business owners have selected us for their installation needs. Here are a few other reasons:


This means more than just showing up on time. Our commitment to our clients starts the second we answer the phone. From that point on, we are dedicated to being a company that is worthy of our client's trust. You can count on us to work hard to get your windows installed well within an acceptable timeframe.


With experience comes efficiency. We've been around for long enough to know how to make the most of our client's time. Not a second is wasted when you hire Jaime's Construction LLC.


When it comes to minor repairs and problems in the home, many people either neglect them or try to do them on their own to save money. While this can seem like a smart idea, if you don’t have the skills to repair something, you may make the problem worse, and if you neglect it entirely, the problem can deteriorate over time. Both these scenarios can force you to hire a handyman later for a more costly repair in the future.

Don’t ever wait to get something in your home fixed. You should come to Jaime's Construction LLC instead.

We offer a full suite of handyman repair services at the most competitive prices in the area. We’re all about making your home an efficient and safe space, where everything works properly, and we don’t believe that you should have to sacrifice your budget to benefit from this.

Depending on the job you need to have finished, our rates will vary. If you’re curious about the cost of a repair service in your home, give us a call at (609) 213-1518. We will be happy to discuss the job at hand with you and figure out the most cost-effective solution for you. We’ll even offer you a no-obligation quote, so you’re sure of the price before we start the project!

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